Using your Clairmont Press Technology

Whether your school has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program or simply allows PODs (Personally Owned Devices), you have many textbook options. Clairmont Press brings the electronic textbook to you, both in and out of the classroom. Whether you need to read in the classroom, car, on the school bus, or at the ball field, our materials are ready to help you learn during your busy life! The videos and instructions below will help you get the most of your Social Studies technology.

For the best experience, view the content using Adobe Reader. On most devices, simply right-click the link and save (download) the file to your device. Then, open the file in Adobe Reader. Operation of your device may differ.

We recommend downloading each chapter, as needed, to your device. This insures that you have the most recent version of the chapter. In addition, a downloaded chapter will open and respond more quickly and is available offline when you don't have access to the Internet. After downloading, you can open the chapter using Adobe Reader.

Getting Around in Adobe Reader
Navigating in the book is easy. Try this: once in Adobe Reader, click View - Page Display - Single Page View (or Two Page View), as shown. On a tablet Single Page View may be better!

On touchscreen devices, you may swipe between pages. On traditional laptop or desktop computers, use the arrow keys or a computer mouse to move from page to page.

Adobe View

Each chapter opens to its first page or where you left off after last use in Adobe Reader. The beautiful pictures and engaging maps, graphs, and charts are instantly available. You may customize your view by zooming in on the text to a comfortable level for reading.

The videos below offer solutions for specific issues.

Opening eBook and PDF files on iPad (iOS 11) - This allows for viewing when you don't have access to the Internet.


The Adobe Reader App, Downloading to Adobe Reader, and the Benefits for iPad


Using the Adobe Reader App on iPad


Downloading Audiobook Files for Offline Listening on iPad

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Please let your teacher know if a link does not work, or some other issue. Your teacher can contact Clairmont Press to help solve the problem.